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Our high quality UV Protection Umbrellas provide the highest UV protection and quality of any UV protection umbrella on the market. With a 55+ UPF (Ultra Protection Factor) rating, these umbrellas block 99% of the sun's harmful UV Rays (A, B, C). You can finally enjoy sunny outdoor days with friends and family without the typical concerns of sunburn, or increased health risks due to exposure to harmful sun rays.

Keeps you cooler even on the hottest days!

All of our sun umbrellas are designed with specially-treated Solarteck™ fabric, which:

  • Reflects 99% of the hot, UV rays.
  • Keeps you up to 15 degrees cooler, even in the strongest sunlight.
  • Allows you to stay outside all day and enjoy your activity.

Sunny days are meant to be experienced and enjoyed - and now you can with no concern or hesitation.

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