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UV Protection Personal Beach Umbrella 6ft
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UV Protection Personal Beach Umbrella 6ft

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Avoid greasy sunscreen and chemicals on your skin or baby's skin.
Keep your skin safe, cooler and younger looking with our UV-Blocker
Personal Beach Umbrella.


For beach and sand lovers, our beach umbrellas are vital in your fight against signs of aging and the very real risk of skin cancer.


Keep cooler than anyone else on the beach under the hottest sun.


Never run after an errant umbrella caught in a strong wind again. Our patented design allows for the passage of any breeze through the canopy system while maintaining stability and durability.

UV Protection Personal Beach Umbrella 6ft
UV Protection Personal Beach Umbrella 6ft UV Protection Personal Beach Umbrella 6ft UV Protection Personal Beach Umbrella 6ft UV Protection Personal Beach Umbrella 6ft

UV Protection Personal Beach Umbrella 6ft

Our UV-Blocker UV Beach umbrella is ESSENTIAL for beach loving melanoma fighters! Its sleek, patented, and portable design will protect you from sun damage (UPF 55+), wind, and heat. Enjoy the sand and surf in safety and comfort with your portable beach umbrella!

The UV Protection Personal Beach Umbrella is in stock and ready to ship next business day.



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All our UV Protection Beach Umbrellas provide the highest UV protection and quality of any UV protection beach umbrella on the market. With a 55+ UPF (Ultra Protection Factor) rating, these beach umbrellas block 99% of the sun's harmful UV Rays (A, B, C). Our UV Protection umbrellas are made of a specially treated Solarteck fabric which reflects most of the UV rays while keeping you up to 15 degrees cooler in the strongest sunlight.

We have increased the strength and durability of the fiberglass ribs while maintaining our #1 Patented Vented Mesh System. This design lets the wind pass between the upper and lower canopies. Our UV-Blocker umbrellas remain very stable in high winds, thus preventing inversion and making this a windproof umbrella. With the added stability of our Sand Anchor, racing after a flying beach umbrella due to a windy day at the beach is a thing of the past.

For more information about UV Protection Umbrellas click here.

• 6' Arc
• 55+ UPF rating providing highest UV protection available
• Wind-Resistant Umbrella - Double canopy with Patented Vented Mesh System
• Heavy Duty 1.25", two-Piece white powder coated pole with manual tilt
• Extra Strength Fiberglass Ribs and Spreaders for more flexibility which will not kink
• Color the top is a reflective silver Solarteck fabric and the underside is hunter green
• Matching Carry / Storage umbrella bag with shoulder strap
• Water repellent durable nylon Solarteck fabric
• Pole Length 68", folds down to 44" in storage umbrella bag
• Weight is just 5 lbs. 4 oz.
Don't get burned by cheap imitations. You can't lose with our 100%, ironclad, money back guarantee! If this UV-Blocker beach umbrella is not the best sun protection beach umbrella you ever owned, simply return within 1 year and receive a full refund.

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This sand anchor will help secure your beach umbrella on those windy days.

This Sand Anchor is in stock and ready to ship next business day.


Read what our customers are saying

Thanks for making such an awesome umbrella and anchor!

Beach Umbrella HawaiiAloha from Kauai,
Several months back I ordered one of you umbrellas. I loved the idea of being able to go to the beach and avoiding direct sunlight (I have malignant melanoma), while still playing a little beach volleyball. I was stoked to have finally found a product that provides such a high level of sun protection

Today, I took it to the beach for the third time, here at Kalapaki Bay where I play volleyball. I'm so happy with my UV Blocker Umbrella and Sand Anchor that I just can't wait for my Saturdays at the beach. I've been fighting skin cancer for a couple of years now, but having my umbrella allows me to spend time with friends and I still get to play a few games of volleyball here on Kauai. Several friends have asked about both products and will place their orders soon. Thanks for making such an awesome umbrella and anchor.

Yours truly,
Bernard Verkaaik  - Kauai, HI

Skin Protection at its best

I have very fair skin and have had many sun burns over the years from lack of proper sun protection. Now with 2 bouts of skin cancer behind me I have been afraid to do things that require being in the sun, even with sun block, hats and skin covering clothing. I have carried regular rain umbrellas, but it seemed like the sun was still getting through that material. With my new UV Treated Umbrellas these concerns are over. I use the Travel Umbrella everyday even for my walks on the beach. I am very pleased with these purchases, the quality, the price and the quick delivery. I also bought the Beach Umbrella as well. Now I can enjoy the outdoors again, safely. Thank you for offering such great products.

Judith Healey - Sarasota, FL

Outstanding Product!

Beach Umbrella Jim's

I can't believe how great the UV beach umbrella works - it keeps out so much of the sun the temperature under the umbrella is actually cooler! This umbrella is a must-have for anyone serious about protecting themselves from the suns deadly rays..

Jim Palmer "Newsletter Guru" - Exton, PA

BEST Beach Umbrella!

There is no better beach umbrella made. We have 2 and may need to get a third because our family is growing. I can put our infant under the umbrella without sunscreen and he is safe from the sun. I also love the fact that you are so much cooler under the umbrella. The sand anchors are a MUST - they NEVER blow out. We use the umbrellas at home too. I bought extra iron umbrella stands and we use them wherever we need some shade. I only wish they would make 11' table umbrellas for the patio!

Andrea - Buffalo, NY

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