Travel-Friendly Umbrellas For Your “On-The-Go” Lifestyle

All of our UV-Blocker umbrellas are made using a unique Solarteck fabric which has a UPF rating of 55+. This fabric will not only protect users from 99% of the sun’s UV rays, but will also keep them up to 15 degrees cooler under direct sunlight. The patented Vented Mesh System lets cool wind pass between the upper and lower canopies allowing for better airflow without worry of constant inversion.

Looking for an easy-to-handle “on-the-go” umbrella?

* Portable
* Lightweight
* Waterproof
* Wide Canopy for Maximum Sun Protection
* Stay 15 Degrees Cooler
* Vented Mesh System for Breathability

UV Protection Compact Umbrella

Make one of our best sellers your best defense against skin cancer! The UV-Blocker Compact Umbrella is small and light but huge in protecting you and your loved ones from harmful UV rays with a 55+ UPF. This umbrella is compact enough to carry with you so you can have it handy at all times. Easily stores in a large purse, tote, or your car’s side door.

UV Protection Travel Umbrella

Portable and functional, your UV-Blocker Travel Umbrella is a vital part of the fight against skin cancer. Its patented design is built to resists ALL-DAY sun damage (UPF 55+), wind, and rain. This lightweight umbrella is easy to use, perfect for trips, vacations, and sight-seeing, and small enough to fit into a carry-on bag or suitcase.

Large Folding UV Umbrella

The UV-Blocker Large Folding Umbrella offers all the best of our smaller Travel Umbrellas with additional benefits. It's still portable, lightweight, and waterproof, but offers a wider canopy to block out a larger circumference of harmful UV rays.

  • Unfolded, the umbrella stands 30” high, with an oversized canopy of 58”.
  • Easily collapses to 21 inches - making it easily “packable” into luggage or a larger carry-on.
  • Ideal for sightseeing, and leisurely strolls through sun-drenched beaches or walkways.

Take it along with you wherever life takes you without worry over sun damage to your skin.

"This is a gift for a melanoma survivor, and
I think she will be thrilled…with the larger size,
so she can share the umbrella with her husband…."

Don’t let the harmful UV rays determine where you can/can’t go.

Carry one of our small & portable UV-Blocker Umbrellas with you, and embrace your spontaneous, “out and about” lifestyle!

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